The 6th Hellenic SUP Cup invites all paddlers to compete and live the experience of SUP in a cycle of 5 total races, on selected spots in Greece like, indoor pool of Olympic Center of Athens, Mikrolimano in Piraeus, classic Loutsa Bay, scenery Andros island and the grand Final of Corinth Canal crossing.

For six consecutive years, with the number and the level of paddlers growing more and more every year, the 6th Hellenic SUP Cup 2016 is going to be impressive.

For this year, organizers have planned the opening race of H.S.C. to be a unique indoor race. For the first time in Greece, on April 16th 2016, the pool at Olympic Center of Athens will be open for all SUP-ers to compete in a technical sprint race. Endurance and strength are not necessary. Technique and luck will be the factors for winning this exciting race.

Just in the middle of summer the 3rd stop of H.S.C. will be hosted in Athens Watersports club on July 17th 2016. The safe and secure gulf of Loutsa is ideal for the classic downwind run, which thrills every paddler, beginner or advanced.

Heading to the end of the cycle, the last preliminary race will take place at Kypri Bay from Wesurfin club. On September 4th 2016, the scenery Andros island of Cyclades complex in Aegean Sea will be the last stop of the H.S.C. where the mighty local SUP team is waiting everyone for another epic battle.

The big epilogue of the Hellenic SUP Cup will be on October 30th 2016. The great final will be at Corinth, and the famous canal, Isthmus. With a big celebrating atmosphere the Corinth Canal Crossing will crown the Champions for 2016. The race has gained the prestige of an international race as the participants from other European countries are growing each year.

In all races/stops of the H.S.C. 2016, paddlers will have the opportunity to learn and practice Stand Up Paddle Surfing, test new gear and have a blast of time in a Greek summer mood.

Also the races of 6th Hellenic SUP CUP 2016 are intended for every paddler. Advanced or beginner, professional or amateur, men, women and kids regardless the type of gear they own.

We pope to see you all … !