Join the fun on coming Sunday, May 29th and have your child participate in the Kids Triathlon event.
This event is open to children age 8 through 16 and provides a safe and fun environment for kids to compete in a triathlon!

On the last Sunday of the last month of spring the small friends of multisports are invited in a true sports festival at Moraitis Beach on the beautiful beach of Schinias!

All children, from 8-14 years, will have the opportunity to participate freely, take part in the children’s triathlon event organized by Transition Sports for «mini» triathletes -kanonikous, budding or aspiring. This means that children do not have to be athletes to participate, so that those who are already familiar with the sport will katefcharistithoun, but what is less -or katholou- those in the know will know and love it!


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